Pneurama is a Portuguese company dedicated to the importation of tires to the Portuguese market, it operates as a gross distributer serving retail shops all over the country.

 It was founded in 1987 by its currently owner and CEO Jose Azevedo da Mota. The first international supplier of Pneurama was Maloya the Swiss tire manufacture.

Based on a solid and responsible management practices Pneurama, by the end of the 80´s, had already achieved a substantial growth being representative in exclusive to Portugal of 3 brands; Maloya (Swiss), Marangoni (Italy), Cooper(USA).

In the 90´s the company´s sales continued to grow, supported on a strategy of replying the successful business model applied in the North of Portugal to the rest of the country. As a consequence of a constant increase in the sales figures, in 1995 the management team decided to acquired its own warehouse and office infrastructures located in Paredes in the Great Oporto urban area, Portugal. The geographic expansion was achieved and by late 90´s Pneurama had a strong presence in the centre and South of Continental Portugal and in the Islands of Azores and Madeira. In 1999 due to high level of sales volumes the infrastructures had to be upgraded in order to improve storage capacity.

From 2000 to currently, the continued growth of sales was based in a more diverse portfolio of products offer to clients. The company added to its portfolio of brands;  Roadstone, Hero Tyre, Samik Tubes, Fate Tyres.

"Strong Business Ethics and Strong  Relationships"

Pneurama had always performed its business with a strong sense of ethics, long term relationships and cooperative partnerships with its stakeholders. The long term relations of more than 20 years with both suppliers and retails shops, resulted in an image of strong credibility both nationally and international having direct credit lines with several international suppliers.

Key Facts and Figures

Pneurama has on stock an average of 65.000 tires. This high level of stock allows it to respond to customers´ needs in a very short time. Every order is deliver in the following day.

Pneurama has more than 850 clients spread all over Portugal covering a Market of 10 million people and has a storage capacity of 4800 sq.

Finally Pneurama is a company that has been operating with constant positive operating results.

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